with grime blowing up again and people crawling back, who is it you wanna hear what kinda tunes they’d make now

and who do you want to fuck off permanently

i could go for more dot rotten beats, and for ‘chip’ to go die in a hole

Isn’t in/out something a prostitute does?

idk ask ur mum


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Grimes a weird one, comes n goes in stages. one minute its hot, next its wank. Seems to all happen within different crowds to.

Also, anyone making trap and calling it grime, please stop. its old hat now.

all this, i dont give a fuck who comes back or whatever, just leave those shitty vengeance sample packs alone.

Always interesting to hear new Mumdance bits.
I’d like to hear Epoch on his grimier productions.

ahh, so glad i got epochs dubs from day. BANGers

Don’t believe you till you’ve send 'em over.

yeah tbh

now i’ve made this thread, i actually don’t really care about any of the old guard atm, they already did their bit and i’d rather hear the new dudes’ spin on the genre

particularly with mc’s, find it bare dry listening to sets and hearing people use bars that got them reloads in 2005, don’t want a nostalgia masturbation session

:corndance: :corndance: :corndance: :corndance:

I want to hear more Hindzy D, Starfox, Bionics, DJ Oddz.

Pretty much anyone that has releases on Slimzos Recordings.

He released a few tunes 2 years ago iirc, but they were all hard panned to the right… made it impossible to play out lol.

He does a monthly on Subfm, is live on air this 1ednesday at 12am.

LDN time?

hindzy d i always found a bit dry, need to give it another listen

i heard last week bionics first release he stole from hindzy d haha, been digging this still

won’t be getting any more oddz though : (

man binned all his dubs and equipment moved to cardiff and followed allah, he’s definitely one of my top producers, bump dis is so unhinged

nevalo how can man release tunes panned to the right : o

dont ask me. he gave out some free ish and i saw more pan than a chef.

big bars

would like a comeback from Apple

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