Indaya tune thread (formerly known as jaydot)


Bump big up new ones up.


That sounds so good! By the way could anyone tell me how to create a new topic on this forum, I just want to post a track here but I can’t see a button or anything to create a new post.



Def feeling that light a rainbow… great atmosphere


Here is a free dubs pack, enjoy.


New album on Bandcamp, support!


New one!


Need to mix it down, any pointers?


EP just dropped on Blackfox, free download so do grab


Been bare busy tune wise, don’t really use DSF anymore but will continue to update this thread:

Tune “Kush” off my EP (which you can get on my Bandcamp) supported on KeepDeep:

And free EP available at 300 followers: (so get liking/sharing.following)

Big up



Latest dubplates.


I’m taking a break from tunes atm due to my computer being out of action, I don’t know when I’ll be back.


Not a bad thing you will be hungry to crank out more tunes. Enjoy your break man.


Yeah mab deffo. I fixed the audio problem slightly by installing a different driver and routing the audi thru my laptop speakers. (there’s a problem with the headphone jack)

Made this ne last night:



Nice. the washed out reverb synth sound nice. percussion is dope. Flute rhythm is a bit random but fits? Sounds good though


Working a lot on a new EP, you can preview it here. Big up!

Here is the finished EP.


<<<<<<<< comment and share etc sending this out


Full showreel. (this one may be forth.)


found my old project files! So remastered the gothika ep, happy with how it sounds now you can preview it above (it’s unsigned)