Indaya tune thread (formerly known as jaydot)

Listen to all my new tunes here…

New bit, feedback would be great as a follow/share, it’s always appreciated

back on the darker stuff

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free download mates, enjoy

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Thats vibey. nice.

New one, going back to the roots with this!

Another rootsy one!

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i like the dembow in such a deep context. reminds me of like what a post-dancehall, pre-dutch house era would’ve sounded like if it had existed, LOL.

i’m a big fan of music that stretches and/or defies current musical paradigms. +1 from Cache…

i heard the synth step on itself a couple of times. it’s not setup to be monophonic? or is it in multiple tracks? it’s super brief and only happens few times in the whole track, but also easy to fix. it muddies the whole frequency band when it happens, and pulls you out of the deepness of the track for that split second…

Yeah think it’s monophonic with automations on the delay could be that?

monophonic is good. if you accidentally left it on poly, and it was releasing a note over the top of a new note instead of glide or portamento into the other note, then you’d hear 2. but with mono, you’re pretty much guaranteed only a single voice. so that’s not it.

but you’re dead on the money with the delay automation. wuz actually gonna ask about that too, but i didn’t recall hearing any delay. (which means it was nicely done btw… you shouldn’t notice well placed delay; it should sound natural, which apparently it does!)

but ya, that could cause the instrument to essentially become polyphonic in effect because you’ll get multiple voices simultaneously.

i’ll listen again here in a few when my ears get freed up and see if can point out the min:sec markers for you, so you’re not shooting blind. ya? (i’m listening to a new mixdown of my newest track that i’m about to start mastering as well)

Making some very solid progress there in all your tunes.

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Big up my g

New one, instrumental grime vibe

Few new ones on the cloud!

cool stuff on this one man, not sure if the clap fits that well with the rest of the tune, to me anyways. I think it might even sound better with no snare/clap at all tbh.

Busy bee me recently.

here is the url: for the tunes now concentrating full and solely on deep/dark 130/140/170.

I have a solo EP in the very early stages of development you can hear the early WIP clips on the cloud but since they’re private I can post them here soon (which Ill do anyway) or if you want to listen to them they’re my last two tracks posted entitled “Chibuku Shake” and “Stand Up Tall”. in the Dubs Club in the Ninja Hideout.

The EP in process can only be finished until I get access to my studio again but my schedule is literall chock full all day eery day now, my studio is wihin a builing where I tutor music on an unpaid basis and they have Live and all the equiptment of a professional studio I can just come and use the facilities whenever however etc as I am staff now

ALSO lol, I also have launched my own nor profit netlabel focussing on dubstep primarily the SC url with all the relevant info is here:

And there’s also a Twitter,link to a donation site etc etc

AND as if that wasn’t enough I have my first official release has been released world wide you can find it anywhere on all major sites and distiritors, that ones’s been put out on Rebel Traxx and the link is here;

So do support and cop that etc.

btw my track is entitled “indaya - Serafin”

The next goal once EP is done and dusted is to find a home it aka a decent label possibly even Traxx but that will be my first solo EP (although remixes and collabs and the like are also more than welocome big up lads

Totally started from scratch, need to bump up followers etc so be a nice guy.

bump URL in previous post still works also holla if you want dubs.

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Loads of new ones, new cloud, same url

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