Inja - Inner Peace (deep dubstep)

Feedback appreciated… Big ups lads!

before the drop it feels a bit empty, it doesnt feel like it’s building up enough to justify the quiet bit imo, but thats just preference.

like the switch up, but i dont particularly like how the main lead is always there though. in the first 3 mins of the song it gets a bit oppressive because its always there.

like the idea and the sounds a lot, mixdown is good too.
big up i enjoyed it, just a few little bits

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really nice sound
like the panflute/rain intro
and the drop into temple bells

I’d prefer the flute riff not be played every bar from around 2.30
leave it to every 4th & do something else in there
and strip it down a bit in last 2 minutes as the density detracts from my inner peace.

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cheers guys feedback noted

ur subs are always so thin for me

Revised version. Blessings!

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yeess now THIS is big

biiiig ups