Innamind Recordings // Blacklist

u was probably next to me tbf :joy:

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Coroners @ 10:30ish here, love that tune

Young Skeleton @ 29:27



If I ever see you irl I’m slashing your ankles

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IMX004 = Good Luck! // I. Got. by Ago


Big release!
That part in Good Luck @1:10 is straight ridiculous, every time I listen to the tune I count in my head and I think it perfectly stays in 140 until 1:24 (timing wise), but it seems the actual BPM is different and I have no idea what its time signature is. Really messes with my head and sense of rhythm haha

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not feeling this release tbh, not sure why, it just doesn’t work for me for some reason

It seems to stay at 140 imo, even though the beats are off putting, when the beat comes back in again it seems to come back in as though it stays at 140. I might be wrong tho lol

I’ve been hearing good luck rinsed at near enough every night for like a year so I’m gassed to finally be able to own it personally

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All about the b side tbh

loads of digis released today


consistent as ever with the pricing lol.

buy a 2 track release for $5
or buy a 3 track release for $5
or buy a 5 track release for $7


A new Gantz record has been announced !

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really wish this mix lead to a release by Sorrow. He had a bunch of 140 stompers on soundcloud that he’s taken down since.

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Pretty sure Voynich was meant to be one of them as it was posted on Innaminds soundcloud

:frowning_face: At least he’s got an EP on Fent Plates coming up… but it’s definitely emosh garage tracks rather than heavyweight dubstep stuff. I remember reading somewhere in the forum (forgot if it was old DSF or new DSF) that someone didn’t like Asa + Sorrow’s productions cause they’re all so “overproduced” and polished. It’s true to an extent, but that’s what gives them their own signature sound.

Did they(Asa + Sorrow) have some sort of issue amongst each other regarding writing credits on tunes etc Not 100% sure. But remember something like that going down

Damn, that sucks :confused: didn’t know they had some beef like that. No wonder they haven’t really done anything since 2016/2017.

Big up Chris Iona and DE-TU :gunfinger:

Innamind Recordings

· 25 mins ·

Plot twist! Stoked to announce that we signed a few tracks off DE-TÜ for an EP that will be out on IMRV029 real soon just after IMX005! More info to come. Welcome to the label fellas. :fire::skull::loud_sound: