Innamind Recordings // Blacklist


Innamind have done some great stuff over the last few years, most recent stuff being:


Next forthcoming record

IMRV013 - The Outlaw EP - LAS x Mikael
a. Key
b. Outlaw
c. Drumspeak
d1. LAS - Farout
d2. Mikael - Shut


Great label.

I like a bit of this


Quantum Soul’s productions are a bit too clean for my taste most of the time.


weyy, Mikael - Shut is a banger.


One of of my favorite labels lately… So many :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: releases of Gantz, Thelem, LAS, and Mikael.


Amazing to think how far they’ve come, from being submerged amidst the other digi-‘dungeon’ labels to rubbing shoulders with the big boys like Medi, System, Tempa etc.

Proper found their own aesthetic and sound

Large up Innamind


Yeah big Label, one of the few labels I buy from without even needing to pre-listen.
I copped the Mikeal EP that way and yeh one of my favourites from em.


I think that Mikael EP is really underrated. Wada was one of the last year’s heavyweight champions imo.
Waiting for this one, great sample work

Also can’t wait for Karma’s plate


some of the new LAS/Mikael tunes in the mix here:

Big up innamind everytime!


yeah so sick that one
rest of the ep is :sleeping:


That’s a good tune but it got kinda rinsed.


a bit harsh. Drumspeak is good aswell.


i liked key the most tbh


Disagree completely, I really like the direction they took with this EP and LAS’s Pontiac/No Fear. Much more earthly sounding, especially the percussion,


this, big up innamind :raised_hands:


One of my favourites:


When’s the outlaw ep dropping?


According to their Facebook, posted on 15/05/2015:

“Pre sales for the vinyl will be available over the next couple of weeks.”


Official release will probably be late June/early July then