Innamind Recordings // Blacklist


“IMRV013 - The Outlaw EP will be going live this Wednesday evening at 7 PM GMT.”



Karma confirmed for IMRV014.


wuuuuut :heart_eyes:

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Man I’m keeping everyone up to date on releases cause of the time zone I’m living in :kissing_heart:


lol cat’s been out of the bag for over a week. :smiley:


Flee In The Fog/Rumble Fish please


this ^ plsplspls


Flee in the Fog is definitely confirmed and as far as I’m aware two solo productions as well
Heal pls




i think this release would fit better to the imx series !


Why’s that?


I thought IMX was a way to get around sample clearance?


So… who got their Outlaw and listened Key until the end? There’s a fun thing waiting there, remixes are very welcome. grin emoticon Peace

From Mikaels FB, anyone know what this was?


i dont know the reason of establish the imx series… but i would like to see this on a black label. heal would also match to the dubby sound which (i guess) the imx series is representing.


nah I’m pretty certain IMX is for sample clearance dodging.

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The samples they used for ‘Key’ are added onto the end of the track.

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There are some interesting entries into the blacklist series coming…


Bumping this right now. Nice one fella.


What jrkhnds said. IMX is basically like AWD so we can use bait samples and do refixes without getting sued.


I would love to see Ago - So Mi Seh on next IMX