Instrumental Hip-Hop

Who you guys rating pon the instrumentals

Chance Shreiber:

Wun Two/CoryaYo:

f r o s t:

Tom C & Purpan:

Special shouts to my man Illiterate aka King Tea Break:

& the Team Dreebs gang:


This random 1 from ERF/Citizen Kane:

Classic Buckwild biz:


Will check the above when I get a minute!!

This is CD is great:

Actually came here to start a thread on this:

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wun two, flofilz, bsd.u, ianewing, harris cole, bugseed, ill sugi, tajima hal, knx, mndsgn … etc.
they all have serious back catalogue on bandcamp so make sure to check it out!

and obviously madlib, jay dee, nujabes…

for the beats video edits:

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Yeah mndsgn’s a king


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Check out chinese man. They make a whole bunch of different kinds of hip-hoppy stuff. Their new album has instrumental versions of all the songs. This is my favorite.



Whole album worth checking out imo.

Pretty much all of tuamies stuff he been releasing recently is great imo