Interview At Music House

bare interesting, not sure about how he says they were fair to everyone, saw a recent interview with hype where he said the big names like him used to bully their way to the front of the queue


I liked where he said that you shouldn’t make music to make money. But you really need a little bit to keep going. It’s pretty true. It was a really different time. I don’t think there’s even a cutting house here in Michigan. I’m going to do some googling.

Edit: there’s one in Detroit! First decent song I make I’m getting it pressed lol

Edit2: never mind they have a minimum of 200 wtf.

Cutting house isn’t where they are pressed.

Nah Music House will get manufacturing done for you too if you’re lucky, they did for us.

Haha Mickey Finn driving to Subway

Was implying to Tolsof that I think he is getting pressing confused with cutting.
Any cutting house will cut a 1 off dubplate, Maybe he got in touch with where they are pressed (which requires a master and usually at least 50 to be pressed)
Unless that’s what you meant then my bad.

They made it sound like they did cutting too but I don’t know :p. Either way looks like there’s no cutting houses near me