Introduce Yourself!

I’m O.D late on this introduce Your self forum but, I’m Kevin been producing since summer of 2014. (Dirty Du step Chunes in particular) Self taught music theory, sound design, and musical engeneering. Still much to learn but yeh wuz goodie. Let me listen to some of your dirty riddim chunes.

Hi bLT.
Hang in there, comment on music & doors will open.

I produce and dj as Valdemar and am based in Stockholm, Sweden.

New as a user but been reading this and the old forum for years. Always had a blast looking through threads, searching for bootlegs and ID’s (thanks for the GR Etiquette one, whoever uploaded that edit, getting use by me) and production techniques. Had great fun when someone told a Mount Kimbie member what synths they were using on “Maybes”, without knowing it was them.

I make bass music, shifting between post-dubstep and house/techno. Quite clubby. Generally very bassy, sampled drum sounds and lots of atmosphere and field recordings. No wub. I did live in London for a few years but am now back in my native Sweden. Artists I’m inspired by would be ones such as Jamie xx, George Fitzgerald, Lil Silva, John Talabot, Fever Ray etc. etc.

Figured it was time to finally sign up. Up for discussing anything bass.

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Hey I’m Angus or lil’ croissant as most of my dogs like to call me. I like loefah.


Welcome friend! Keep it real

Kinda missed this. I’m Vincent, I’ve been around for a few months now but before that I was very active way back when on the old forum in 06/07. Took a loong break from dubstep as I started to get bored by it around '10. Recently rediscovered my love for it and found out it’s better than I remember it!

Came back to share my 14gb colleciton of rare/unreleased forum dubs because it’s too much good music to sit collecting dust on my harddrive. All killer, no filler - check it out here

Other than that I’ve been trying to make a few little tunes. I don’t understand all the fancy DAWs so I just sort of chop things up in audacity and fuck with the pitch. My new years resolution is to get something released properly on vinyl :slight_smile:

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i’m sure dubway’s happy about it lol


Hi, I’m Intrigued, and I make Dubstep and Deep House (two very contrasting genres but hey!)

Hey guys,

I am Pit, 25 years old and i live in Germany. I listen to a lot of genres but mainly it is dubstep.

on my way thourgh the internet, while searching for new music, i stumbled on this forum.
I listened quiet a while to dubstep now and want to start categorizing my music in detail and just learn more about dubstep. I already have a pretty big database of music which contains a lot of different artists. The following are just a few examples:


-Dirt Monkey


-Cookie Monsta

-Code: Pandorum




and MANY more but i think that should cover most of my taste when it comes to Dubstep.
How can i learn more about Dubstep and be more efficient in searching music?
Tell me about how you guys handle this

With greetings from Germany
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

i’d guess a lot of guys on this forum (me included) learned about dubstep from this forum years ago.

back in those days it was ALL about a site called BareFiles, run by a guy called Deapoh.
it was a file sharing site where you could download mixes which had been recorded from radio.
really simple shit, but the global impact of that site can’t be understated. Deapoh is the guy.
after any dubstep DJ played a set on rinse FM (which was an illegal pirate radio station at that time) you’d have people on dubstepforum talking about the tracks for months, rinsing BareFiles’ bandwidth, asking for IDs on tunes.
at this point in time, Coki, Skream, Kromestar, Mala, Benga, Pinch, RSD, etc were making a ridiculous amount of fresh music. you’d have 10+ page threads just on one radio set if it was sick.
these days, this forum is pretty much dead.

Hatcha & Crazy D on Kiss FM
Skream on Rinse FM
Plastician on Rinse FM
Anti-Social w/ Jay 5ive on…Flex FM i think?
Mary Anne Hobbs on Radio One
LOADS of other sick shows on less known radio stations (personal favourite Terrafonix on Cyba.FM)

there was also GetDarker (which still exists…kinda) where you could download radio sets and, later, watch their live GetDarkerTV broadcasts.
here’s their first episode from 2009 - doesn’t seem like anything special these days, but in 2009 this was fresh.
this was before Twitch TV and Ustream made this kind of thing commonplace.

anyway you didn’t ask for a history lesson, i got distracted.

finding good new shit is never easy. i check vinyl shops regularly for new releases, but don’t buy much these days, and haven’t discovered a new artist that i loved in quite a long time.

^ record shops

judging from the artists you listed, the best place to find more of that sound is probably just soundcloud. check your favourite artists, see who they follow, see what groups they’re in, etc.
you could go through beatport, junodownload, etc, but good luck with that. loads of shit music.
maybe check out Subfiltronik and the rest of the Monsters crew.

and welcome btw :adios:




Thank you very much for your detailed answer
I will go through the links you offered and try soundcloud.

Hi I’m Globzski, I produce dubstep music in he Chicago area and I’m new to the forum. Check out my latest song at

Some of you who were on active on DSF in 2011 may remember the name Kornspun. I, quite possibly, hold the record for the cringiest post in DSF history where I was asking for Skrillex style album art and telling people their music is shit when I had just began producing. Well, I’ve been producing all the while and here’s a newer song by me.


Bassin records - dubstep label from Brussels


haha i remember that post

I think im doing this right? Idk. Im used to the old forum, this new stuff is waaayyy different. Anyshwayz, Hello, im Grimsin, Lord Satan. Im a 27 year old Dubstep, Riddim, Trap, HipHop producer from Missouri. I recently moved to Houston Texas amd im looking for friends. Been a producer for roughly 10 years, NI Massive, and Fl studio are my go too’s. I dont think I should have to explain myself but I guess I will anyway. Yes I am in fact a traditional Satanist, Luciferian. Not the athiest kind, the real kind. No im not evil, no I dont eat babies, and neither does Lucifer. That all the detail im willing to go into for that right now. All in all im a laid back dood, who just wants to make some toons, and make some friends so if your in Houston hit me up :v: If anyone really reads this shit at all heres my soundcloud … and if anyone really gives a shit my latest track is I look forward to getting back into this forum and doing something new.

checked some of your stuff out. Pretty sick. dig lilith

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