Introduce Yourself!


Hi, I’m OGLemon.



Hi lemon I’m creamlord :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: So excited to be a part of this new and exciting forum and I’m sure I will have a great time!!


Hi, I’m nowaysj. I live in a mountain fortress. I like music. I like visual art. I love god and humans. You’re all going to die.


Hello UGLemon, CreamLard & noway.
You sound like very nice girls.
It’s nice to be on a brand new forum with such enthusiastic participants.
I listen to any music which is slow, repetitive & mind-numbing.
My hobbies are irritation, collecting foam boxes & making earthy smells.
I’m sure we are going to have lots of fun, particularly once we get the new uniforms.


Hi, I’m Molzie. I’m a neat guy.


yo im sigbowls aka bird turd (thats what a asian girl calls me on this one forum i go to). im into hipster stuff like hipster beer hipster motorcycles hipster music with a gabber kick on it. i like chilling in the mountains in oregon


My name is Ronzlo D. Lippschitz, esq.

I like stuff. I’m more than double the median age for DSF, but every once in a while get lucid for like 2 minutes.

It’s also possible that I’m the only person who’s actually met Nowaysj, Phigure, Parson, and Mala (among others…) IRL.

This makes me a suspect of interest to the Dept. of Homefry Security.


Gold Star badge to the person that can finish that ^ joke.

Like Nwj, Phig, Parson, and Mala are in a life boat, and…


they die


Easy all,

We’re Trojan Audio… originally joined this under my own alias in 09 but now we’re back under our new label alias.

All things vinyl, big up.

Big up to Dubway also


Ehbes here. Good chance I won’t like you, prove me wrong. yearn for my acceptance. tbf I probably wont post here much until the old one kicks the bucket.


Hi! I’m Peter. I want to promote my music and get to know the electronic music community more.
I’m not particularly into dubstep but I do like Dub, Techno, Experimental, Ambient, LA beat, pretty much anything from Tri-Angle Records. I’m still pretty new to this stuff so go easy on me.

Looking forward to discussing and sharing music with you all.


Also here’s my soundcloud if anyones interested:


What’s up, it’s Doctor Dave from the old forum. Hard to believe I’ve been here since May 2013. Ever since, I guess I could say I’ve gained a lot more appreciation of dubstep and a lot of other music. I’m a lot into grime now though. I’ve seen the 2013 summer war dub season and saw Boxed grow in it’s early stages (I can never say I’ve been to one of their raves tho). At December 28 last year, I also got my first record, and I have been collecting ever since. It’s safe to say I’ve been inspired a lot by you guys. Just got to get a better turntable or two and a mixer and I’ll be able to use my collection to the fullest potential :corndance: I should know most of you guys as well, I just don’t bother to post much in the SNH.


Hi, I’m Negativalo

I don’t like this place.



Hey. fragments here. I’m a hardware tnuc. I like to twiddle luscious knobs. I pretty much listen to it all…I’m more interested in the dub in dubstep…


Hi I’m mason and you’re all really cool people.


Never change you beautiful, sullen bastard


Hi, I’m Thomas. 25 year old guy from Norway that’s into dubstep, techno, various sub-genres of house, metal (black, death, gore/grind), noise and generally almost anything that tickles my fancy.

I have been teaching my self production for around 4 years now, currently I’m halfway through a BA in music production hoping that I’ll be able to work with music in some way or another when I’m done.

I’ve got varying interests but mainly it’s sound design, human psychology and behaviouralism, a little bit of ornithology, synthesizers / modulars, cooking and self improvement.


What’s up, I’m a 140 warrior from Poland, originally from Gdańsk, but currently livng in Warsaw. I sometimes make beats. Besides dubstep I usually listen to music not designed for clubs or not electronic at all.
I like the new forum!