Ipman - Regicide / Ghostrunner [TEC086]


This is another big release from Tectonic!

Regicide is some crazy breaksy dubstep bit and Ghostrunner is a really heavy technoey/130 bit.
I’ll be copping for sure!

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I really like the first one. Its sad but the kick is my favourite part. How it sort of slaps you in the face

Big tunes overall. Not too sure about all the extra stuff that comes in on Ghostrunner but the underlying groove is nice.

fckin yes wasn’t sure about ipman but regicide is a tune

https://tectonic.databeats.com/vinyl/tec086w white labels up

ipman has some serious bangers man, Non Integer Multiple and In Atari are mental

rate ipman highly, especially after hearing “messenger”. his release on cold was good, feel like i haven’t heard a release from him in a while. high expectations!

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