Is it ok to make your sub phase?

I’ve saw an arcticle on UKF saying that phased sub bass is’nt for dubstep but for "prog bullshit"
I higly disagree on this, i used phased sub bass several time in the past.
Mainly on my track The Owl

It sure reduce the power of the bassline but i like the way it sound.

What’s your thought about this?

how much did those plays cost you? :lol_og:


Nothing, i got featured on a compilation with some friends.
I don’t even know how we did so much views…

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First off. Don’t listen to any opinions pushed by ukf lmao. There is a reason everything on there sounds the same

Second of all if it sounds good then it is good. I can’t listen to ur track right now but honestly if it’s still pretty weighty but it sounds cool and unique then ur on to a winner


I don’t think UKF are alway right, but if they say that, and everybody else talking about how sub bass should sound say that, there’s a reason.
UKF have some pretty cool tutorials and they helped me alot when i started but i never take any advice like they where sacred words.

I made this Topic to see who agree and who don’t and to know everyone’s argument and viewpoint

Yea but a sub shouldn’t nessecarily sound like anything

Like a bass guitar isn’t always perfectly steady but can be ridiculously bassy ( see any dub record)

U can do what ever you want is my point


yeah man do anything

the last year ive not even put any bass in my tunes and people dont seem to notice


I feel like a lot of people are listening to music on like $5 headphones or on their phones lately. A surprising amount of speakers do not go below ~50 htz. Hell I had a pair that I tested and didn’t go below 100


even monitors like

some mastering can do some crazy shit and pull up transients or similar so it seems like the harmonic part of the sub is more available in the mids - but tbh I dont think that method is clear. I’m not sure the producer could hit that spot in all his tracks or that methology is the same in every case.

It’s more just positive happenstance in a context of sounds I think. Dunno.


the reason is that they strive for a homogenised sound. they see their peers/friends/idols doing X in every track and therefore X becomes the way that things should be done.

technically a phasing sub is a bad idea, and you should probably pay more attention to the technicalities when making dubstep rather than say, hip hop. but at the end of the day a big tune is a big tune.


The reason they recommended this is that most club sound systems are in mono. This means that if you have a sub which isn’t perfectly mono-ed in a stereo recording you’re going to have major issues with it when it gets summed to mono. In that context, phasing can do a real ton of harm, but if your track was made with the intention of listening rather than club play then there’s no real problem.


This, phased or stereo sub should be avoided for club musix


Stereo sound consists of the mono (sum) signal and the side (difference) signal. On a mono system, the difference signal (aka everything that isn’t identical between L and R) gets removed.

So if your sub is 50/50 stereo (50% mono, 50% side), On a mono system, a half of your sub is going to mysteriously disappear. And nobody wants his sub to disappear.

So mono the sub, unless your going to make a special “headphones-mixdown” or some shit.


Having tiny amount of sub frequencies on the side channel is fine tho. Also lots of pros use a stereo “sub” on parts where you don’t want the maximum bass weight (intros, breakdowns etc.)

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+1 on all the solid answers here (esp. the mono summing/playback issues).

That said

If u are worried about it that much put a stereo imager on ur sub and mono everything below 80hz or something

Side information doesn’t get removed on a mono system it simply gets summed to mono. That’s where phase becomes the issue if you are using some sort of stereo widening (I.e very short delays).

Beyond phase issues, stereo sub is generally a poor decision. It loads the speakers inefficiently, eats up energy in your mix, and you can’t cut stereo sub to a plate


Yes, that’s what everybody do, that’s what i’m talking about when i say everybody make mono sub

I agree this and vinyl are the things to be concerned with. Otherwise experiment all you want, but make sure you test the mix in a mono setting to avoid any nasty surprises. If not planning on cutting it to a plate then that doesn’t matter.

I still would avoid doing it at all personally but it might fit a particular tune. Honestly if I heard it on a random everyday dubstep tune I would probably think the person fucked up (not counting obviously experimental stuff).

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redundant lmao