Is Macbook Pro Mid 2010 15inch i7 2.6Ghz still good enough for producing these days?

So i want to buy secondhand macbook pro because it’s way cheaper than new windows laptop (ASUS ROG).I don’t gaming that much so i think macbook should be fine.I often use serum and kontakt in my project.Can Mid 2010 macbook pro handle it? Do you have any laptop recommendation?

*sorry for my bad english


HP Envy 17" 17-K118NR

Intel Haswell i7-4510U 2.0 Ghz - 3.1 Ghz Turbo


256 SSD

Nvidia GTX 850M 4GB VRAM

17.3" Touchscreen LED

Backlit keyboard

What do you think about this?

that would also be good enough for producing these days

The price is quite same :))

But it’s dual cores

Dude, I ram 4GB of RAM.

Sixteen is plenty.

Can dual core handle lot of VSTs?

That’s like asking ‘how long is a piece of string?’

How many VSTs it can handle depends on the VSTs. Some VSTs are more processor-intensive than others.

An idea of exactly which VSTs you plan on using would help.