Is this beat FIRE or am I losing my mind? Trying to make something like it

You’re trying to make something like your own song?

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Ill go for the loosing your mind theory

Ur loosing ur mind bro

Totally losing it


Why is that?

lol. Please explain why this isnt hot

Maybe not the one in the OP, but this track is quite nice. Also finish the base one

why can’t some people just come here and post their beat like “yo give me some feedback please”

who do you think you’re fooling

OK so give feedback? That my bad . I worded it wrong. I meant like make another song I created like it. Sorry.

Thanks. I appreciate the kind words. I may sound like noob, but I actually am just a noob at technology/internet. I have been traveling all around Europe for the last 6 months DJing. Funny part is I am a professional and I just want to see what people say (rather keep name on DJ Name on DL). Some people on here are so rude! Sounds like you have been in the business awhile though.

So youre proffesional at djing but have no experience with technology? Unless youre spinning vinyl i highly doubt that…and based on the type of music you make its likely that you dont.

Dosent help your case m8.[quote=“Nave_Luap, post:12, topic:7477”]
people on here are so rude

Were all rude here bitch


There’s no reason to lie to us man


Your right. It was Alaska I was traveling. Alaska yea. It was Alaska. Totally my fault. I get the 2 mixed up literally nonstop

First of for the record it was Alaska. That’s on me.

Second off- is this not the cutest dog?! I had a pit bull for sometime and she passed away (knees). The vet suggested we get one of those wheelchairs. I was like fuck that. I’ll backpack carry her. So I literally would backpack her everywhere. I was in Alaska once DJ’ing with her on my back. Rough for her. The cold man.

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damn son


It appears you are indeed losing your mind

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No it was my bad as mentioned. It was Alaska. Honestly I get the 2 confused NONstop. It’s like Africa and Belgium. I always mix those 2 up