Is this dubstep? What is this? Who is this?

Hey Guys,

im studying to draw and usually do it all day. To keep me a little entertained i used to have some movies running as some sort of background music. But actually i would like some music more since movies tend to get boring.

There is a site (Gnomon fwiw) that always has trailers for their videos in CG Training and usually the songs they use in the trailers are supercool. Ive tried (and other people too) to find out what songs that are but they never share it.

It would be awesome if you could help me identify those songs and/or point me towards similar artists.
I guess since you know alot youll probably get the idea of what i like about it. It would also be great if you could let me know what those songs are.

Here they go

(music starting at 0:40)

this one

(starting at 0:44)

and this one

(starting at 1:40)

Well, i have no idea if you guys consider this dubstep - but some of the other songs the used was by Noisia and NumberNin6 which seem to be dubstep.
Again i am fairly new to electronic music i hope i have come to the right place with these questions.
I also hope you like these songs to and if you know them or others you think i might like - great!


the first two don’t sound to me at least like any particular genre. they’re just cinematic background music. the first one sounds like its from a movie and the second one could be in a commercial lol.

the third one sounds like a car commercial or something too lol but it’s the most “indetifiable” sound in the lot probably. I guess you could describe that as some sort of disco, with a bit of a rough edge. it’s not something I’m really an expert in but try for example perturbator, judge bitch or anything that’s 80’s influenced and synthy. I stumbled upon this youtube channel just had a quick look it seems that there’s more than music there but idgaf lol look for urself

also you’d do good not to call numbernin6 (whatever the hell that is) or noisia dubstep

Videos =/= dubstep