Itchy - Anxiety Dub (dark dubstep)


This one is free for DL. my style has changed a bit since i did this one so ii thought id just give it out.

big up!


yes m8, instaDL.

Reminds of old Distinction tunes a bit

really feeling this, maybe a straight sine would be nice on the second drop the change the things a bit, but feeling it as it is as well.


Thanks man :slight_smile:


Always loving the percussion in your tracks. This is a dope one for sure big up.


This one’s nice, I’d have a sped up LFO on the growls like every so often to make it less repetitive but it’s a solid tune


Like the one shots and dynamic structure. Quite dope. Perc is great.


This is sick, i love the old school vibe, original still. BIg Up for download!!


sounds like midnight request line in my head from the off, not a rip off like or an insult…just observation :slight_smile:

drop was not what was expecting from the intro, it works though, you keep teh whomps interesting with little varience n that, nice…

havent made a whomper for a while, made me whant to do so now :slight_smile:



Thanks man
Never even clocked that myself hahaha but yea I suppose the little arp sounds similar


no worries :slight_smile:

what did you use for the wobs ??


I use reason I’m pretty sure it was Thor


nice, any chance you could send us the patch if it wern;'t too much hassle please ?

have you got 10 yet ??

i was content with 8 but my mate forcibly installed 10 on my computer ! hehe

said it was necessary and something he has to do lol !!


I use 5 lmao.

Incan send u the patch tomorrow night u may have to DM me a reminder tho I always forget everything :slight_smile:


oh wicked nice one :_)

i was on an old version till 3-4 years ago, havent looked back since,

the audio capability makes such a big diff for me really…


This is really nice man!! I like the subtle arp coming in and out and the low end goes hard, I like, the percussion hits are on point too! nice one