Itchy - Artist Thread Trap/cloud rap/ hyperpop

Hey all. I wanted to make a thread in here so I can post ally releases. That way I’m not spamming up the dubs forum / ninja dubs thred.

Below is the link to my newest track “Emirates” live on all streaming services. Add to your playlist if you fuck with it!!! <3

Thanks guise


New bit prod by our own @Harkat
Check out Wave Noir verse at the end it’s v nice


Til Pig Can Fly prod. Itchy


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New beat store online now. New beats regularly.

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no, definitely spam the dubs thread too

cant keep up with outside of ninja hideout

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Heh I’ll do that lad
I just thought I was getting on everyone nerves

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New bit with my man Ya Mean
It’s a remix of club anthem from the EP I put out recently