J:Kenzo feat Rod Azlan - Ruffhouse (Rufa Rework) *FREE TUNE*

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J:Kenzo feat Rod Azlan - Ruffhouse (Rufa Rework)

Had a load of love from this one since I uploaded it, Fat Kid On Fire shared it, ans so did Rod Azlan himself. Can’t say how happy I am for the sharing and the downloads so big up, I hope you enjoy it.

It’s reached it’s 100 free downloads MAX, but if you want a WAV sent to you of it then message me your email and I’ll send one your way.

First post on the new forum - as with the previous DSF, I’ll try to get through as many other people’s dubs as I can with feedback and shit: sharing’s caring and all that.

Hope yous enjoy!

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Yes mate! Keeps some of the idea of the original but definitely a fresh rework. Props

Ooh I thought this was Rod Azlan’s own rework. Big up man did a good job!

Aha naaaah man all me this one! Nice one for the love

very nice. check your pms.

yep, nice refix :slight_smile: good work

big up big up big up!