Jake Vincent - Sad sad song (Would it be dub step ?)

Would definitely love to have feedback on this track !

Sad sad song - Jake Vincent

Feedback is really important to all of us ! I’ll try for my part to give the best and CONSTRUCTIVE feedback on the track I think my opinion worth it !

Cheer !

Hey hey just heard your tune!

My pluses for this one are:

  • Melodically it’s great and it doesn’t bore which is a great point!
  • Nice drum sounds, well EQ’d and mixed up nice.
  • Nice choice of sounds, I personally would use them in my tracks myself!

My cons are:

  • In the build-up I didn’t actually realized it dropped for a sec so what I would do to help that is that while its about to drop leave a bar with no sounds but some vocals so there is a a gap where you create tension on people and thats when you drop it HARD! :smiley:

  • The drop isn’t really strong enough in my opinion I would definitely add some OTT compressors on the sounds to sharpen them and add a subbass to layer your chords!

  • I would also add some sexy detuned saw stacks to really strengthen the drop haha :wink:

I hope these tips help you out!!

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Of course it help me. Thanks a lot !
I wanted it to me more pop then Dubstep. I think I failed that hehe.
I’ll give it a try on your tips (comp and detuned saw sounds). The silence seems to me as a really good idea.

thanks a lot !

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No worries!! Everyone deserves to make good music, good luck!

The intro is pretty dope, yet the sining part is where the mix sounds weird, like things are clashing and being muddy, @0:44 the high end seems to be a little too much distorted, and you should have a more impact with the drop, because things seem to fade in rather than HIT,
good song m8

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Thanks for your feedback. Will take a look at that !

Hey Jake,
i like the intro, especially the use of the vocals - nice.
Personally i like most the part at 0:40 after the drop (the synth sounds very nice - but alfredo is right regarding the distorting) and would have strengthen it. The part wich follows at 1:00 is somehow unfitting in my eyes and/or comes too early. But all in together in like the complex arrangement & variations in it!