James Blake / 1-800-Dinosaur Thread

Click here for some unreleased James Blake

Untitled one that samples ‘Pop Pop Epic’ by Digital Mystikz! Praying that this one sees a release.

that’s me praying it doesn’t.

Why’s that?

I would hate for record labels, mastering studios, pressing plants, record shops and artists involved to lose time and energy over something so bad. I think if this was made by anyone other than James Blake this would be considered a sad attempt at production (especially considering the lazy samplework) with everbody giving the advice to “stick to your dayjob”.

btw are you sure this is a JB production and not just the gaslamp killer playing another (in my opinion) boring nu future poststep garage future set? since it’s ripped from his boiler room appearance.

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It’s definitely James! I’ve seen another clip of him playing it out. What’s so lazy about the sample-work? Never seen/heard those two words put together, ever! I’m a diehard James Blake fan, however, I’m well aware that some of his tunes aren’t anything to shout about, I reckon you need to give this another chance though.

Anyone managed to give James Blake’s ‘200 Press’ EP a good listen since its release?

This one’s a favourite! He played it out at WHP in November with a few bars from Trim on top.

Guess which Blake song I sample here https://soundcloud.com/erazered-1/drags

Which release is it off of?

Probably wouldn’t. Pretty in key with this new ‘future’ music that’s been popping up lately. I would agree in the sense that I think it does sound like something someone who was trying to copy James Blake would make though. Vocal chops are pretty ugly too imo. Nice vibe, I’d probably bus a little skank in a club to it, but yeah, a bit meh overall.

Also, the melody is almost an exact rip off of the first tune Mala plays in his Red Bull Academy Lecture lolololololol

for a guy constantly stressing how everybody isn’t reading his posts correctly, your reading comprehension skills could be improved. :wink: first tune in Mala’s RBMA lecture is Pop Pop Epic (yes I actually checked) and @nodnol said that James Blake thing’s supposed to be a Pop Pop Epic remix… there you go.

Anyone listened to the new 1-800 Dinosaur Presesnt Trim album?

Having a listen to it now and it’s pretty decent, nice different styles and some of the tunes are heavy

need to check it, only heard “Before I Lied” and actually really rate it. Trim’s been a G since bomb squad

few of em are a bit plinky plonky but in general its a pretty decent album

dig this one.