Japanese & Korean TR₩P MUS¥K

Theres prob tons of stuff out there, even the garbage is prob better than passable and rated stuff we know.

Mvn, whvt OS vnd browser vre you on? Your vids in Firefox svy no MIME type found and in Chrome it just doesn’t plvy.

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*fixed (thx)

Might as well throw K-Trap in here too, some cool shit imo.


About as gangster as Hasidic Drill music

lol. k. Just posting up random tracks.

Because they’re asian innit?

This was my turn up / party anthem last year.

No because they’re Japanese…because Japan is known for extremely low crime rates, geriatric culture, and just being a generally boring place. Same goes for China, South Korea, Taiwan.

Edit: maybe not China

dansci you fully pulled all of that direct from your ass.

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nothing gets me turnt like my squadron of asians.

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Aneone member wat the first vid i posted was? Its deltd?

anyways. STR8 face dort boys ft Dutch Montana

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Call the cops on myself if I can
The shit too crazy need a ambulan
Don’t wear no jacket I just wear that metal vess (skirt skirt)
All this money but you bitches unimpress.

\i think it was the first track in this mix:

It wasnt, but I found
10:43 Dumbfoundead - Harambe

KTown Cali USA

technically chinese living in indonesia