Jason Morrison/Moody Good

While Moody Good is releasing some amazing records, i have’nt heard anything from The 13 in a while.
Some people say he’s dead, is it true?

You should ask him

literally who

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I think it’s one of the 16bit guys.

Confused Jason Morrison with MorrisJessle for a minute

OP - how funny - was just thinking the same thing m’self.


not dead

he got killed recording a chainsaw for one of the 16bit basslines

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a common mistake
never stand directly behind the chain
nor under the cowbell


Nah, I think the chainsaw sample is from the time of his death by murder. The other dude said he had help on the beats to hide the crime.

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Tune @ 1:30…


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To answer everyone’s confusion. Jason disconnected “The 13” project back in mid 2013 deleting all of his songs, only few songs exist roaming around the internet (mostly Russian sites) but back in 2016 he returned with a project called “jaswan”. His songs Slime Time, HOTA NUTA DEVIL, Hype Girl, Stay, and Choke Money real give off that old-school 16 bit vibe we all use to love.

Jason still refuse to talk with Eddie for unknown reasons

I still listen to that Moody Good LP. Thanks for the tip on the new name.

I think a lot of ninjas 'round these parts would probably be all over this :thinking:

Jaswan is still underated by most since no one really knows that it’s Jason. Seems to be doing well but He still has his mind wrapped around if he should continue making Dubstep or just Grime

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I think one of the biggest strengths of that LP is that he doesn’t focus on any one style - there’s everything from slinky beats to dubstep to tearout and some nice instrumental atmospherics thrown in along the way… that should be his approach. Fuck sticking to a single genre. Music is bigger than that.

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Well that’s what happens when you first start making Dubstep. It’s like coke, you take it once and come back for more, same thing happened to Noisia back in 2013 all of the little kids started complaining “ooohhhhh this is not Dubstep, fuck dnb” do to making a couple Dubstep(Neuro Bass) tracks in the past. In all honestly I love Moody Good but his new up coming album sounds dry and unoriginal, most people complain about artist changing their style but sometimes it’s for the better or worse. For an example Skrillex random changed his style from Brostep/electro to Hybrid Trap, reasons are unknown and I can’t blame Diplo for that. Sonny seen how the Dubstep scene was falling and changed.

Everyone knows the truhed :copyright: thing to do would’ve been to switch to House. :lol_og: