Jaydot-Ever After (chilled 140)


Chilled deep dubstep-let me know?

really, really nice, again whatever that panning/tremelo sound is (similar to another track you put up), it’s just dominating and eating up the whole mix i.e. 2:37 where it cuts out, and you can really hear the switch in clarity. I’m not sure if it’s a bus effect or part of one sounds design, i think its the pad or the vocal? (either way the pad could move ‘back’ in the mix a little).

The wobbly thing (lol, technical term), i think the vocal?? try bringing the effect on it down in the mix or reduce the dry/wet and/or remove some of the low and high frequencies perhaps a dip in the low-mid to lose some of the mud, also reducing the width might hellp or if it is an effect - bus it and put a big low cut on it, so its only modulating the top end. It sounds a bit like the track is almost wobbling out of control, it’s a nice effect/sound but i feel it’s taking up way to much ‘space’ in the mix. Sorry if i’m rambling, that’s how i’m hearing it, overall great track! :slight_smile: