Jaydot-Jezebel (automated tearout)


Let me know.


Can I get a wav off that? gully.

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Sure mate-I’ll link you up soon. Glad you’re feeling.

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you’re famous on tsr @jaydot

btw that link dont work anymore

Send us a wav please famalam

shame I couldn’t hear this before it was removed :corncry:

was gunna check this but the links gone!

http:// www.mediafire.com/listen/ssv4f095h4e9ap3/jaydot-Jezebel.wav

http:/ www.mediafire.com/download/ssv4f095h4e9ap3/jaydot-Jezebel.wav

Never fear mates!

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EDIT: OK it was embedding but the links (with gaps in the URL so just copy and paste into your browser) for downloading and listening are there.