Jaydot-one full track/one WIP

Full track I finished last night


WIP I started last night:


Big up for critique/advice etc

petroleum’s got a vibe to it, but somethings cluttering up the mix a bit, sounds muddy, the intro and bridge are clean, so i’m gonna guess a little to much mid in the bass? Has it got panning/tremelo or delay on it, maybe a little less would clean it up a bit. Still it’s got a vibe :slight_smile:

Like checkmate, on a nice dark tip, bit of a grime influence coming through :slight_smile:

just listening to petroleum again, the delay on the pad sound could do with a bit of a low-cut, should clear up some space in the low end :wink:

Easy mate-yeah there’s an arpeggiator/delay on the bass so might be that?

Thanks for the feedback mate.

yea that’s what it is, try tweaking various parameters, and always good to add eq on space effects like delay and reverb, to remove some high/low end, so it’s not effecting to whole frequency range, particularly below 500/400hz which is gonna cause mud and interfere way to much with low end and ya sub. (Sorry I dunno if you know this stuff already or not).

big up!