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This is pretty wild:

Funny story: I went to a concert a Berklee here in Boston last month, one of the sets was introduced with a little speech about “an exciting expansion of jazz in the 70’s blah blah…” basically the professor was doing anything to avoid saying “Fusion” haha, Downbeat had an issue called “The F word” but there was some awesome, interesting music!


Be careful with the F word.

I’ve heard some stories about that Trio of Doom concert if this is the same one in Havana. I heard Jaco was acting really erratically.

Gonna check this out. It sounds good from what little I have heard of it. Even if Tony and John were pissed off at Jaco, when you get musicians of that caliber together, you are still going to get some good music.


Yeah man, I guess he was having issues, and critics have said bad things, but I think this show’s fantastic!. and as a bass player I can say that being mad your band mates can lead to good shows because I pretty much hated them all (their not into dubstep so they’ll never read this haha)

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