Jeptillium - Fatty dub (Dub/dubstep)

The intro’s cool, kinda feels like its gonna drop into something quite fast paced, but loses that energy on the drop, if that the juxtaposition you were looking for cool, but it’s still losing some energy even in that context - the snares a bit weak.

The track kinda stumbles through phrases, maybe try a new snare and apply some more transitions and transition effects. Things get a little more steppy around 2:20 onwards which works well and could be a theme re-visited across the whole track? The double time shaker and bass giving the halftime beat a sense of pace works well. I like the chill-out kinda jazz feel of the track, but it almost sounds/feels like two or more ideas for tracks trying to squeeze into the same track leaving it a bit disjointed - could work it into two different tracks i.e. a jazz/chill dub version, and a 4x4 steppas dub version.

Strong effort, definitely some good ideas and rhythms in there that could be reworked, revisited and built upon in future productions :sunglasses:

Thanks for the feedback man, I will keep that in mind for future productions.