Jesslem - Harlequin EP [TT003]

Yo, put this thing out a little over a month ago and thought I ought to post it.
It’s a little digi only four track ep I’ve put out on T. William’s new label, Today, Tomorrow.

Here’re the tunes for you to pass your judgements on, show to a friend, play a second or third time, and maybe, if you’re feeling very generous, even purchase.


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congrats dude

nice one !!!

gonna listen later

Big up jess, really feeling hunting season

peng, yeah really like when the ride cymbals come in on hunting season, snares got a nice klonk sound to it too and that little bit of piano that comes in too

wanna listen to it riding round nyc in a cab

rides on waiting too

u use like rhodes keys samples a lot?

I linked that soundcloud account as a joke months back saying “hey bro, hehe, found you’re soundcloud heh heh, its called jesslem too lolz” but it was actually your soundcloud? Fucking plot twists in this place lately…

sounds really good tbh. big up

Production quality is top notch.

You must have considered working with vocals though, right?
(i think this stuff would be very radio friendly)

Not my thing, but very very accomplished for a lack of a better word and you could make money unlike the rest of us lol !

@RKM, I do use that one sample a bit, yeah. Tbh, I got it in one of the production competitions years and years ago and I cut it to play like a one shot.

@Databoi, yeah, I remember. You posted in the things that pissed you off today thread lol. But yeah, that was me.

@hubb, Cheers, yeah actually. Working with a few vocalists atm, one’s someone who worked with the label manager before, another two are cousins, and one’s an old friend who sings and recently got into production. Also been doing some remixes of some singers on soundcloud. Though I’ve been ‘working’ with vocalists for time and it ever seems to work out lol, but yeah, feeling optimistic and trying things out.

@TheThreeOfYouAndEveryoneElse, thanks for the kind words. Am also doing 320s of stuff in mixes and on my soundcloud page, so if I can have the cheek to ask you to listen, feel free to hmu :slight_smile:


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this is a banger of an EP imo… well produced an wicked grooves. wicked work

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