Jesus Chroist Bass N' Dubstep Soundpack

Free dl

You will be most welcome in the SNH (Save Non-believers from Hell)

Another meatspin link lol…

Paging @Ryan and @Dubstep_Warrior, the two warriors in Christ around here. Also one of them may or may not have had a gerbil in his rectum recently, but that’s neither here nor there.

Edit: pack will hack payphones.


When I first saw this thread I got afraid. The internet is a dark place & Jesus Christ is the truth. Therefore we are communicating over the dark web.

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hmmm catholic lad noncing about on the darkweb, why am I not surprised smh

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Tell me something I didn’t know. :king:



Oh shit Marsen’s back… you’re not gonna compete in the samplepack contest are you?


lolll I’ve been getting creamed by school and learning coding and other extracurricular activites on top of it, and havent really touched the daw in months tbh. I’d like to get back on it soon but I don’t wanna make promises I can’t keep

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Faith is a handpan played by El Estepario Siberiano.