JiveNation - What [Dubstep/Minimal Dubstep]

JiveNation - What [Dubstep/Minimal Dubstep]

Inspired by Excision’s “Swagga”

Sorry only have the download link: http://www.filedropper.com/what_3

Any criticism is appreciated!


(Btw its supposed to have a simple melody)

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Hi jive nation, if you are after some feedback/criticism i think you would be best suited to having a streamable link, just a thought :thought_balloon: :):slight_smile:

Sadly YouTube and SoundCloud are out of the question, but are there any others?

I’m not sure really, I think there is but you would have to look it up…

Was not trying to be awkward btw I’ve just been a fiend for similar sort of thing in the past and most time people don’t bother checking stuff out unless it’s super convienient !

Why are neither of those an option ? You’ve intrigued me :stuck_out_tongue:

China firewall, lack of VPN’s, and discouraged use of them XD

EDIT: I created an acc for Mixcloud, is that good?

Ohh China :cn: !

I don’t think mixcloud allows you to put individual tracks on / takes them down pretty swiftly if you do…

Will d/l later seeing as your in such a situation! :slight_smile:

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Good to know, thanks.

Sounds Nice Jive Nation

all the sounds fit really well, particularly like the way the high hats sit and interact with the rest of the instrumentation, they have a real nice tone :slight_smile:

all your drops and builds work well and are smooth, smooth not being the right word though, i guess coherent is the one :slight_smile:

The main growl synth is really nicely sat in the mix and the sub is nice it’s not too loud/overpowering, with this sorta stuff being suited aimed at big stadiums (i guess) that is quite important…guess it’s quite important in general, top n bottom is, the sub is nice :slight_smile:

i rekon the Kick could come down in volume slightly, it’s a tough one to gauge though as it does really need to ‘punch’ but i think it has a bit more of a ‘snap’ to it…it’s only very minor though…

the higher pitched synth that comes in around 2:02 works really well :slight_smile:

really nice though JIve, have you sent it out to DJ’s you think would play it ?

I usually produce for general listening, (ipod, iPhone, bad speaker ect.) so I haven’t thought about that.

Serum all the way bro…

True, true… I made it loud so I could hear it on my iPhone through my earpods.

Just listened to where you specified, I believe that is classified as Riddim, I think…