JME - Integrity LP [BBK]

Anyone listened to the album?

need to give it a listen but been busy recently

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It’s pretty good.

Pretty good from what I’ve heard, probably wouldn’t cop the vinyl, but I’ll see

been meaning to check this one out

has some good moments but there’s a load of filler tracks w/ shit instrumentals

Didn’t think I would like it too much but enjoyed most of it. Would recommend.

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on a second listen, i seem to like it a bit more

I was thinking about it but than i saw the price

Yeah plus having 16 tunes on 1 record isn’t exactly ideal for mixing.


^lol saw jme riding one away from that vegan place he’s always banging on about


How does JME enforce bylaws I wonder?

I listened to this today and I have to say I’m not feeling it.

Most of the instrumentals are either nothing to write home about or really shit. Amen was a good throwback instrumental but completely ruined by the AMEN sample, irritating as shit.

JME is a sick MC and he has legendary bars which automatically means hes got huge live mic presence… just like Jammer… but that don’t mean they’re lyrically any good now. People say dubstep producers make shit albums, I think grime MCs make even worse albums. Its all the same sort of stuff just reworded… I’m vegen, don’t drink, don’t smoke… I shell down raves, I make lots of money, not signed to a label ect ect ect. I wouldn’t mind the rewording of the same themes over & over but its really contradictory. He makes a lot of drug references while constantly saying he does nothing… he talks about being a bad man but constantly mentions technology/internet stuff (like Techno Viking).

This song really sums up the album for me:

It could easily be mistaken for one of those white middle class rap parodies. “Smilin’ ear to ear, revin’ hard like hes just got a dark charazard”, “I don’t really play RPGs, all of your lyrics are PG”.

Not that I’m hating on white middle class lyrics, do that if thats what your life experiences are. Just don’t constantly switch from street-wise G to middle class goon.

He still has the ability to come with some serious bars though… “You’re not lord of the place, you jacked couple guys before with your mates, your not a badman cause you robbed someone fam, you’re just poor and brave!”


Yeah agree with alot of that, its stuff like talking bout going to nandos (lol) for a veggie wrap that is like wut. Are you being paid by nandos or sumin?

Yeah I don’t get it. If thats his life now and thats what he wants to MC about then fine, do that… but hes mixing it in with typical grime bars about clashing, guns, drugs, galdem ect.

Its like listening to some weird identity crisis.

i wouldn’t say that’s just jme’s problem. that’s like all grime mcs (and rappers too) lol
the most truly consistent grime record so far has been boy in da corner; probably why it was successful and still lauded today
you can argue that there’s better mixtapes than albums, but mixtapes have a lot more filler (or just straight up shit) tunes