Joe Ariwa meets Cessman - Chapter One: Mental Madness [Dubliminal]

a) Joe Ariwa meets Cessman - Mental Madness
b1) Joe Ariwa - Dark Phantom Dub
b2) Cessman - Youthman

145bpm, 138bpm, 175bpm dub & dubstep

pre-order and audio up now

180g, 45rpm both sides. should be shipping in a few weeks. no digital.
big up Ariwa and big up you if you’re feeling it or copping it


jahstep done right imo. :wink:

it’s a big plate man.

this is nice! nice and rootsy without the plodding boringness you hear about so much.

this one’s in stock now

[予約] 入荷済 JOE ARIWA meets CESSMAN - Chapter 1 [Dubliminal] 12"
DUBR1003 / 1月15日発売予定 入荷済
A1. Cessman Meets Joe Ariwa - Mental Madness
A2. Joe Ariwa - Dark Phantom Dub
Cessman - Youthman

it was only a 300 run and we’d sold >150 last time we asked, so if you want it then get it, no repress will happen. we’re not sure about doing 500 runs yet, isn’t 300 the new 500? any opinions?

300s bless unless they start moving in 2 days or something silly. You don’t wanna be the guy who ends up in the redeye bargain bin.