Jungle / Breakbeat Hardcore


cold mission - freaky style

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stumbled across this website: http://hardcorejunglism.com/
Does anyone know how legit this is? This looks really big - would be great to have something similar for UK Garage


(Worth it for the unreleased Dillinja at the start this King Andy 1)

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listening to last circadian rhythms show and this tune came on waaaaaaaaaat the fuuuuuuck

which is hencher

dj crystl

or crystallize

Big release here, original sounds. Martian Man is a new one to me. The Double O remix goes in as well:

from that raime mix ultra posted

i’d love to write something as eery as this

edit: uno mas

yooooo, check out this new jungle mix I put up last week! :smile:

^ Will try to get round to this

Meanwhile, this is heavy. Properly rugged:

Digital is an all-round badman. Does he still live in Thailand (or was it Bali)?

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Still a tune.

This is one of my favourite tunes to come out this year

jesus that rufige tune reminds me of 3005.