Kahn sub

How do you make a sub like this? No sustain with medium decay? Everytime I try it it just doesn’t sound dubby enough :confused:

Also I tends to cut my sub down to around 80Hz, as anything above tends to muddy up my mix, but in tunes like this, the sub still sounds super clean and Kahn brings it up an octave on some of the notes!

I just Kahn’t (sorry) get my head around it :confused:


Anyone help me out with these rolling subs?

Large up!

take a single sinewave for the first, do what you already said, no sustain and try adjusting the decay, most importantly: add a short pitch envelope (to taste)

dont lowpass/high cut

and try to add a bit of saturation (tiny bit) or waveshape that is included in your synths filter section

should be more or less go in the right direction

I’ve tried to make this before haha its trickier than it sounds

I’m pretty sure he’s got two synths going to get the proper chunk of the sound, one proper clean sub and a basic middy squarey synth slightly layered over the top.

Key with Kahn’s subs is how much they chop through the mix, especially with this tune. I think he’s got some v precise side-chaining going on alongside very tight envelopes on the sub synths, none of the notes run into each other + they all have mad punchy attacks.

yeah this.

I usually automate the volume of my subs to duck out when the kicks (sometimes even snares) hit, it gives you alot more control than sidechaining.

Doesn’t he use pitch envelope to give those sub notes an extra kick?