Kahn - Untitled (Synth Help)

Anyone know how to make this sound, or something similar? Narssssttieeee

Running Logic without massive, safe :smile:

Yeah the process is simple but takes a special touch to get it sounding right/good. square waves on multi oscillators detuned, re sampled saturate/overdrive/frequency split etc

Cheers bro, I have the square on point, just sounds too much like the ones someone like Thelem would use, or in Thief in the law, if you catch my point, struggling to make them sound more like gritty stabs :confused:

post an example of what your currently ending up with and maybe we can help?

A lot of the punch comes from the sounds around it and their placement too

Its quite a basic sound but its the way it punches precisely alongside the sub/kick that makes it sound so big, alongside the space in the beat (altho admittedly this is one of Kahn’s busier beats)

On its own that synth patch probably doesn’t sound miles away from yours i’d bet

Yeah x2 its largely due to how its used.

I used a less gritty version of this bass in this tune but w o space and its completely different effect

which was just a raw square wave bass sample processed and pitched.prob would a played it an octave lower and more processed for a kahn vibe

Cheers for the help guys but I just Kahn’t (Sorry) seem to get it, Ive made a quick loop to show you what I’ve got so far, so don’t watch the production haha

192Kbs also

Lyeform that tune is large btw

Don’t watch that link


cheers man.

it sounds like your not getting enough in the lows so it doesnt punch enough, duplicate it and filter out everything but 40-100hz ish then mess with the levels/fx. if its still in midi bring it down an octave for the lows if needed (or stick it in a sampler and midi an octave lower?) or both? might sound like shit but worth checking.

also send to reverb more (would prob duplicate and side chain the reverby one>orig but thats just me)

Large up bro, cheers for the advice :smile:

hope it helps! hard to be too specific with this kinda stuff cus its all about messing with what you got till it falls into place.

Nah bro I catch you, appreciate the help still, that one off Rinse seeing a release?

nah man nothing set in stone at least.

Ahhh seen, hit me up if it does :smile:

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Slow your attack down.

I got a similar sound detuning two saw waves, throwing a sinewave underneath, boosting the bass and cutting the highs with Massive’s EQ, running that into an external saturator and reverb. Full sustain, slow attack and fast release on the amp envelope.

all the oldschool grime heads like dr venom and pjam would get the gliding squares triton patch and dirty it up with saturation :(Y)