Kaoss pad


Right i am ready to give this ago now.

But i’m a bit confused by what you mean.
There isn’t any Blue


I see there is a red side, just plug both of the red RCA’s to the output of the KP3 and the other side to the input.


Ah shit i got it! Nice 1!
Had to trial and error with front panel on what to press/use.


Now post up some samples of you dicking around or gtfo :badteeth:


Haha i’ve been on a 12 hour shift today so my plan was to just get it to fukin work for now. Can’t be arsed with standing up any longer.
Been on my mind for ages though so glad it finally can come in use.
I used to have this shitty Vestax mixer with built in effects and used the reverb loads to transition between mixes so i will probably only use it for that :lol_og:
I’ll have a proper go on my next days off.

I’ve seen people hook it up with their guitar amp?
A bit dubious about it though cause of how you can manipulate the frequencies to go really low. Don’t think the speaker would like those lower frequencies pushed through it


Bodged together this piece of shit with bits i found lying about at work.
Will make something a bit more aesthetically pleaseing when i can be arsed.


I actually like the rustic look.

And Dorothy Ashby :twothumbsup: