Kaoss pad

Has anyone connected a Kaos Pad to a mixer?
Got bought a Kaos pad years ago but gave up trying to connect it so it has just been sitting doing nothing lol

PDF is diagram for my mixer

EDIT: Solved! Cheers @cyclopian @mks

I think (?) Nowaysj used to swear by his, along w a Roland SP404… there’s a bunch of YT videos using some variation of that setup so should def be do-able.

You want to use it as an external effects send yeah? Should be line out from board to line in on Kaoss pad then the latter’ line out into the master bus or sth…

Yeah external.
I think i tried that years ago and it didn’t work.
I’ll have another go when i get home.

Actually where do you mean from the mixer?

The fx sends outs.

Yeah, done it and it worked great. This was awhile ago though and it was a KP2.

DJ mixer or other audio mixer? I did it with a Rane DJ mixer using the aux out. I have a KP3 hooked up right now on an audio mixer via the aux send.

Dj mixer.
Pdf in my op shows the back of it

So fx send out to in on pad then out of pad to where?

Sorry, didn’t look at the pdf. As there is no effects return, I think you need to use a tip-ring-sleeve cable as an insert cable. The audio will go out and come back in via the TRS cable.

Actually, let me think this through for a bit.


Cheers mate

nah, i think he’d run the output of the kaos into an empty channel on the mixer, thats how my xone 62 works as well

mixer > rts to rca cable > kaos input > kaos output > rca to rca > channel 1 line input

I thought that at first as well and that is one way to do it. I have the manual open here plus the diagram.

It it a TRS cable which is send and return. You just need to get the proper adapters to go to RCA and back to 1/4 inch.

In a TRS cable the tip is send and the ring is return. You should be able to do it without having to use an extra channel.

So for the tip and the ring, you would need to get RCA adapters for the input and the output on the KP3.


nice one, you can get TRS insert cables with RCA connectors on the ends as well, would prob make this easier.

Just odd that it clearly says RTS on the diagram…

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Yeah, they reversed the spelling to Ring-Tip-Sleeve on their diagram. The thing I was fumbling on is how to get a single TRS 1/4 male to RCA input and output in stereo. Maybe the KP3 will accept a mono input and output. It is often the left channel.

Got 2 of these fellas

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you’d just use two insert cables for stereo, right?

So yeah, try the blue side into the input of the KP3 and the red side from the output.

Yeah, but it would be on two channels.

it looks like you can set it up on the front panel in the fx section so you can either have 2 separate mono fx loops or a single stereo fx loop

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This is probably how I would approach it. Or get a Y cable splitter so both the inputs and outputs on the KP3 are plugged in.


Hibbie, for this setup plug both of your cables into the mixer with the blue side going to the inputs and the red side coming from the outputs of the KP3.