Karma Appreciation


Dunno it’s alright but bit too Goth Traddy. Reminds me of the bass on Sun Beam.


Cha is a fuckin’ tune.








listened so many times, he has the best selection in the scene



13:15 - 19:25 is too much! Any IDs? I think I recognize a LAS tune but I don’t know the title anyway


not sure what tune at 13:15 is (sounds oddly familiar and like mere sher though)

but 15:30 to like 18:15 is Goth Trad - Invation


The mix is a stomper

For any London based folk don’t forget it’s warm up mix for Methods next thursday.

all of the details can be found here
Hope to see some of you lot down there


Can anyone name the track Karma played at 1h 26m into the V.I.V.E.K + Karma + Cessman + Foamplate Radar Radio mix? (tune before Cha)


Karma - Static


Terrorist, Cha and Vacant Mind.

Pre-order on 7th Dec @ 7pm


great interview


Karma’s a don. Literally the only dubstep artist I’m still fussed about, and he identifies the reason for that himself: his tunes still sound good a few years after and manage to put a fresh spin on things.

Anyway, this might be interesting:

I also want to mention another project I’m working on with Si-Dee from Horsepower Productions under the alias “Midnight Express”. As UKG seems to be the “in” thing at the moment, and we’re hoping to bring back some of the darker 2-step sounds.


yeah i heard about that a while back apparently some banging tunes :eyes:


Oh shit!!


Enjoyed that interview, I’m interested to see what him and Si-Dee from HP come up with. Makes sense he would work with those guys as they both mostly work with samples.


“and a double pack on System Music early next year”


These tunes he’s doing with Shumba Youth are serious. Hoping for more from the two of them.