Karma Appreciation

Here we go

I have to mention I’ve ordered my first dub with Meanings on it, sick tune.


is Meanings on that B2C comp?

his set at System about a year ago was some of the best (dubstep) shit I’ve heard in time. I really love how he sets his focus on one vibe and plays it down so effortlessly without ever getting boring.

this one tho :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

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been hearing that system 002 isn’t gonna get a repress, hope it’s not true. fucking 150 quid on discogs can piss off :weary:

Possibly because it was already repressed. I grabbed the repress and it is probably the best plate in my collection!
Also I wasn’t aware of that price, lol

Great producer

Shelled down System, Hovercraft comin out was a lot

ugh hovercraft, still somehow never heard that tune out… was well jealous when i heard that set

loads of cluekid tunes i (and most of us probably) never heard out

cough the legacy

Where did you get the WAV for meanings? Can I buy the file somewhere or is it still unreleased?

Never mind. Found it on the band camp website.

damn this guy is my fave producer atm
new mix for innamind so bumpin this

that first tune ‘terrorist’ really wanna see that get released


so many big tunes in there! Static, Terrorist, Monkey Jam etc.

yeah man i been playing it loads, karmas mixes are always on point… i rinsed the first innamind one he did so much

LAS - Gunfam is the one for me i think, bangs!

Yeah Gunfam is THE BEST Las tune in ages imo, it’s on my radar since that Kursk Trusik mix.
And this new Karma mix is absolute fire, big up Karma

Anyone think there’s anything to the rumours that System 010 is a Karma release? or was that 100% speculation?

We know that System 005 was delayed due to Vivek’s mac crashing and losing data.

what??? damn.

How You Feel is in my top 10 dubstep tracks, not keen on Rumblefish but apart from that like most of his

looking forward to this one…feelin that cha tune


Rumblefish is arguably the best tune on the 12".