Karma - Innamind Recordings showcase [Dubstep]

[Karma- Innamind recordings showcase]

Karma - Terrorist (DUB)
Epoch - No Dread (IMX001)
Mikael - Wada (Innamind)
LAS - Swamp dub (DUB)
Karma - Heal VIP (DUB)
LAS - uuha - (Egoless remix) (DUB)
Causa - Monkey Jam (DUB)
Gantz - Step On Lava (DUB)
Ago - Why won’t you (DUB)
Karma - Rumble Fish (Innamind)
Karma - Vacant Mind (DUB)
Dubtro - blue world (DUB)
Karma - static (DUB)
LAS - Pocosink (Commodo remix) (Blacklist)
Egoless - Uck Foff - (DUB)
Karma - Cha - (DUB)
Mikael - Lintumies - (DUB)
LAS - Gunfam - (DUB)
Karma - How Ya Feel - (LAS remix) (DUB)
Channel 15 - Marihanna (DUB)

some mad selection, that ago tune makes me do backflips


listened to this mix about 5 times already, big sounds

Terrorist/Cha would do just fine thanks Innamind :raised_hands:


What is the track around 19 mins?

Ago - Why Won’t You

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Fuk me that is the best 140 tune i have heard in years

It stands out cos it’s playful, cuts through all the serious/moody stuff that’s about

Is it odd that this was one of the stand outs for me haha

Hes got some nice tunes actually