Keeping something simple lively

Been making a Grime instrumental for the last few hours, I want to keep it simple and use the same kind of riff throughout, but don’t want it to get boring…

Any advice?!

Also if you do check it, tell me how the mix is sounding :wink:

Large up! :smile:

just to answer the initial question: people tend to forget about dynamics in times where there isn’t a mixing desk anymore.
make subtle changes in volume of the channels. keeps things moving.
but it doesn’t make a boring tune any better.

Cheers, but do you think this is boring? or is that a mis read?

using filters and automating cutoff/resonance is an easy way!

Vary the on each OSC. Automate the FX. Automate the filter. Syncopate around it with diff synths/samples. Assign a slow random LFO to parameters to make it slightly different on each key press; pitch, waveshape, cut-off etc.

Main thing is obvs just having a good riff and synth tho.