Keysound Show thread

with LHF guest mix.

Huge as always!

Kind of surprised BD hasnt made this thread yet tbh

One of our own Lyeform getting continued support on the show, big up him.

been following him closely, dudes got fiya on soundcloud!!

Yeah his new one’s shick

Cheers guys. :smile:

Been a fan of the show since the Zomby eski mix whenever that was, and have at least half of the Keysound records so the recent support on has meant a lot to me.

LDN054 - LHF - For the Thrown

Seems to be their next album. – for the thrown-2-x-lp

Redeye don’t hang about do they?!

Very big lineup, shame dance tunnel has such a underwhelming system.

It’s not too bad, not physical enough really and a step down from Plastic People for sure but its all right really.

Anyone reaching?

yeah bruv gotta agree on the system being subpar but i should hopefully be reaching anyway! hyped for logos
anyone else ?

Still surprised BD has chimed in yet.

I don’t think any of the >>>>>>>><<<<<< guys have migrated.

Bristol heads

Going on how fun the London ones have been I recommend reaching.

Back on Rinse tonight.

swear down it’s like they plan keysound nights and other shit to not be in uni term time…

not that i won’t be able to catch em when i’m back in ldn anyway


Yeah come to a London one and drink tequila at the bar with me.

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latest show

21st Sept

Keysound Sessions Newcastle with Dusk + Blackdown, Sully and Logos. 19th March.
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rollage vol1: WDYM?!

Anyone know a tracklisting for this? Or more info?