Killa Hurts - Unknown Enemy

This is my first track I have released under the name “Killa Hurts”

It’s melodic, it’s dubstep. What more could you want?

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Sick track!

Thank you for taking the time to listen :slight_smile: I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

wow so sick song man
I’m wondering how did you mix that bass so crunchy

Hi @kill_rina I’m glad you dig the track! As for the bass, make sure when your designing your sound to get it sounding as good as you possibly can without using any external plugins. Then when you apply post processing you are improving the sound even more. To get the crunchy sound you talked about I make sure my bass has plenty high end frequency information. Cut all sub frequency content out with an high pass eq( roughly between 60hz-100hz) I have a separate channel for my sub which will fill that low frequency space. along with some well placed distortion/saturation and some multiband compression (don’t over do it). There is a free multiband compression from xfer records called ott (which stands for over the top) it has a simple 3 knob design which really brings out the quieter frequencys of a sound and can add abit of crunch but use it sparingly as it really can be over the top. I hoped this has helped a bit :slight_smile:

WOW thank you so much for reply! I didnt expect you would reply with that much details! Thanks so much!:grinning:
So when I mix the bass, I make patch then EQ > OTT then to the bass bus (I name that bassgroup).
bassbus has 3% of reverb> multiband comp > Fabfilter saturn > normal comp with extreme flat >saturater > camel crusher > sausage boy > saturater > master
As you can see I tweakd little tooo much and so complicated on ableton.
So, im gonna try it out

This is my mix I’m talking about

I’m going to follow you on soundcloud!

Normally on my individual bass sound tracks I will Eq (substractive)> saturation/distortion > vocodex > multiband compression (ozone) > eq (subtractive) > compression (fab filter pro c) >eq (additive)

On my bass group I am really subtle with all plugins and tweaks as you may have a lot of varied sounds coming in, use this group to glue so they sound like they are all part of the same track

Eq (high pass) > ott > saturation (very subtle) > compression ( very light, glue)

Judging by your track it sounds like that you have a pretty good idea of the genre anyways, sounds really good! Keep at it, the best way to improve is to make mistakes. Messing about and experimentation is vital :slight_smile:

Damn man I dig the melody Big Ups!

not normally my thing at all tbh, but the sound design and mix are both really good :slight_smile:

Interesting bass riffs and melodies, the gated stab is cool too.

Sounds to me like you like metal and computer games? :wink:

The arrangement is great as well as the sound design.
Can’t comment on the mix since I’m listening through my laptop.
Love this though!

Wow really good track! This is typically the sound I like. The mix and the arrangement are perfect, we feel the research and insipiration.

Keep it up!