Kinda deep bass wooble thingy

Yo guys!

so I have been trying to get a bass like this latley: (0:50)

but I cant get it so…I dont know “Harmonic rich” I guess like his sound dosent sound like your typical deep sine wooble he hase something to it but I dont know what :confused: I think the bass is pretty easy I am just missing something critical…maybe one of you guys could help ?

sounds so fucking gay also I hate those moving video bits with the logo that reacts to the sound

thanks for your opinion sadly no one cares if you dont have any tips pls leave me alone and go on with your life, ty

Yeah the tune is terrible.

Just use a brostep massive preset? pretty sure there are thousands that sound like that.

jesus here are the “brostep” hater again…damn…

yo some admin pls close this thread! I give up on this forum


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it is probably a fairly simple patch with modulation.

great thread guys


if you’re using massive (or any other synth), use a sine on one oscillator then one of the other more digital sounding presets for the other oscillators. the richness comes from the combination of different wave tables at the same time.

then perhaps manually modulate the cut-off filter automation. you can modulate with an LFO, but you’ll get a more steady rhythmic modulation instead of the variations in the track you posted. if you do use an LFO, you might want vary the time sync to keep it changing.

i personally like to modulate the attack too to get some wah wah wompyness.

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there’s probably a lot of compression applied to the bass to make it stand out, along with some saturation or harmonic exciter to get it to sound richer too.

so, the complexity gives it that richness.