I’m looking to buy a midi controller that just has loads of knobs. Is there a specific name for this type of thing? Anybody know of any particularly good and sturdy ones? Not sliders, just the dials.

Thanks in advance.

Behringer BCR2000

All the knobs you’ll ever need. £100 new from Thomann

they’re all knobs daddyo

Whatever makes you happy dude


I thought it would be you, lol.

@tabasco, Biiiiiig ups!

Edit, shipping is too damn steep. What other good shops are there for US purchases? I’ve always just gone to amazon, but something tells me I’m missing something.

$149 from Amazon inc. shipping.

In the US Id highly recommend dealing with Sweetwater Music. Amazon is way more likely to tell you to fuck off if there is an issue with the product. Also at Sweetwater you can call a sales rep and talk about the products.


Sweetwater seems solid, first heard of it yesterday when my mate was telling me about the Ocatron (probably spelled that horribly wrong) sampler but I didn’t realize it was a store, thought they’d made the thing, lol.

+1 on sweetwater. plus they send you candy with your shit and really are just nice people/musicians

i heard the candy is actually to absorb mositure in the packaging…lol…dunno if its true.

Just seen this crop up online as well;

Could be interesting, though slightly more expensive.