Kr3y - Let's Not Sleep Together [Deep Dubstep]

Hi, I’m looking for feedback from you guyz!

here is my track, and plz tell me if it is shit or not honestly.
even f**k you is gonna be welcome.

The main issue with this track (for me anyway) is energy. There was no drop, I had to realize that oh, it’s not the intro anymore! And yes, there doesn’t need to be some big skrillex type megadrop, but still… Also some 2mins in there’s another buildup and it builds to like… nothing. I think only sub is a little too little to carry this track. … Part around 1:20 was more interesting with some movement. I know u wanted it to be deep, but i think it lacks something anyway

I don’t like the squishy sounds used, but it def has some promise.

I followed you on Soundcloud, looking forward to hearing more.

^^^ (As it sounds like squishing mud or something)