Krewella Alive ( Skraindllainx and Uno Remix )

I actually need help. I listen to other brostep tracks and the beat sounds alot faster than the tracks I make. But the tracks are 140 bpm just like mine. I feel like there’s something that I’m not doing rhythmically. Their snares hit. While my snares are sort of in the background. I don’t really know how to explain it.

Basically in short, my beats go 1-hut-2-hut. While other dubstep beats are going BOOM-SLAP-BOOM-SLAP. They just sound faster. I don’t really know how to explain it better than that.

here’s the beat

That sounded great to me! A lot of dusbtep is moving towards 150 bpm, maybe thats it? It could be the kick and snare samples your using, maybe additional percussive notes in between the kick/snare? just kinda throwin things out there haha.

basically, heavier sidechaining and louder drums will produce the effect you describe. you don’t necessarily need it though. i mean, look at skrillex’s drums. they are pretty chill haha