Krueger - Burn

feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Liking the synth intro, though it does drown out the Batman sample a little.

Hats feel very static and on-the-grid, so maybe a little bit of delay or some looser programming to make them less robotic.

Synth pattern seems to remain the same throughout. Would’ve liked to hear a mixup in the arrangement to keep things interesting, though as the track itself is under 3mins this isn’t so much of an issue.

I think it’s a bit overcompressed.

Do you have a limiter on the master track? if so, take it off. It’s doing ugly things to your dynamics and making your reverbs sound weird. Also giving your growls zero emphasis.

Generally, I’d advise mixing to negative 6 dB, or even lower, and then export a WAV and bring that to full volume. Makes preparing for mastering a lot easier, and helps you have cleaner mixes, imo.

With regard to the synths, maybe do some progressive filter effects on that one lead, just to keep it interesting here and there.

  • Could also help to just omit it during certain parts, it is as much about what you bring out of a track as it is about what you bring in! Maybe bring it out and do some cutoff and/or LFO speed automation on the growls for a phrase or so.

That reversed cymbal sounds weird, make it quieter/softer and maybe wet it with reverb and/or delay

defo overcompressed/limited, some good advice above

solid idea tho!