Krueger - Jupiter

Big ups, any feedback on this would be warmly welcomed.


percussion sounds a bit merky, i think the kicks need to be a bit more prominent but other than that, some really nice sounds and a big heavy roller!

Everythings abit crushed, like theres no space between sounds as soon as the sub comes in. The kick just gets completely lost, other than that though, great selection of sounds and atmosphere.

yea the sub isn’t working, some serious mud coming through here. Has it got a really harsh compressor/limiter or sidechain on it? losing that could help, sounds like it’s chopping in and out hard.

It’s all there really, just need more ‘space’ between everything and sub, is there maybe a limiter on the master channel? the sub being way to loud could be whats causing it to do duck so hard, giving that wobbly/distorted sound.